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Record of Treatment

Thorough examination
After revising the x-ray images, the doctor will state what kind of treatment will be possible for this specific patient.
He will discuss the pros and cons of the different treatments and confer you to another specialist, if necessary.
To define length and diameter of the implant, plaster models and a computer tomography are usually done to complement the information from the x-ray images. These data will then be used to determine the exact ubication of the implant in the mouth.
Prerequisite for the application of an implant is a minimum amount of bone structure. There are cases in which bone reconstruction is necessary. One reason for that: If the person is lacking teeth for a long period of time, the bone structure will reduce, because of lacking stimulus.

Insertion of implant
Artificial tooth roots are normally inserted under local anaesthesia. The dentist forms a certain "bed" in the jaw bone where the implant will be inserted in. A temporary corona on this implant will assure the patient to eat, speak and laugh freely, even during the healing process.

Healing proceess
The implant will have grown in to the jaw bone completely after 6 weeks and several months, depending on the specific situation. After about a week the threads will be extracted. Please note: Diligent oral hygiene is most important for the healing process.

The new teeth
Corona, bridge or prosthesis - the dental laboratory will have made an imprint of the individual replacing tooth that will be inserted after the healing is completed.

The implant can get lost just as a natural tooth root, if it is not taken care of conscientuously. Try to have professional implant prophylaxis to secure your implant. No-gos: bad oral hygiene and smoking.

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